Market Survey Intelligence – Challakere


Tue, 07/10/2012 to Mon, 07/16/2012

Challakere is a commercial centre for woollen Kambalis. The region has over 1600 weavers who weave traditional Kambalis. These Kambalis are in high demand in every market especially from Malnad area of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Challakere was identified by the Government of India and Government of Karnataka to help its growth and development. It is well analyzed that the weavers and sellers of Kambalis from Challakere has to get exposed to nuances of Woollen market, the product range, the product mix and product innovations available in the Woollen industry.

Challakere blankets has good demand and yielding employment to over 3000 families both direct and indirect. Government of India and Government of Karnataka has initiated programs for the survival, growth and development of this cluster. In this context, market survey intelligence as a market study was recommended and the same has been executed. The entire of production process is manual including the finishing. Weaving is done on pit looms.

Following are the objectives of this project:
1. To modernize “Sunday market” – Market place of Challakere.
2. A depot by Governmental agencies for supply of woollen fibre, wool yarn, gum etc. to weavers and / or Common consortia for raw material purchases.
3. An Apex Society at Challakere for weavers to be in direct contact with first line customers.
4. A common processing unit for raw- material and pre-loom processes.
5. Establishment of direct market linkages with consumer, institutional buyers, buying houses designers etc.
6. Setting up of an integrated Woollen development park at Challakere.
7. An extension counter of weaver service center for design bank and sampling at Challakere.
8. Opening of NHDC branch at Challakere to deal with Woollen yarn.
9. Promotion of SHG’s and microfinance.
10. Promotion of new societies.

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